Jackson Fun Float Bags

Jackson Fun and Creek Float Bags

After 30 years of float bags looking the same, you wouldn’t expect to find any major innovations in them. Well, enter into the world of Jackson Kayak. Paddling without float bags is not a good idea if you ever swim, might swim, ever had a skirt blow, might have a skirt blow, or value your kayak. The Fun Float and Creek Float is a single horseshoe shaped bag that goes behind your rear wall to give you a single bag that will stay in, even in the worst swims, and fill up the entire stern of your kayak. The Fun Float fits the Fun & Star Series and many other boats too. The Creek Float fits Heroes, Villians, Rockers and other larger boats. Made of sturdy urethane like the Happy Feet, so don’t worry about them breaking.
The Fun Float measures 29” x 26” L x W
The Creek Float is 38″ x 42″

$49.95  Fun float

$84.95  Creek Float

Jackson Creek Float Bag

Jackson Kayak signature float bags One very important piece of safety equipment; designed to make all other float bags obsolete. Fits the Villain, Rocker, Hero and all most every other creekboat. Made of urethane coated vinyl to be strong, light and dependable. The creek float measures 38? x 42?.