Family Adventure: Cottonwood Lake, Stream/Lake Paddle

This is the perfect trip to fill that morning, afternoon or evening void in your schedule. Families love this trip, Girls night out, mother-daughter, father-son, boyfriend -girlfriend: It’s just a FUN TRIP.

Situated in the heart of the Matanuska Valley and within minutes of your valley lodging (call us we can book your room) is a lake chain most visitors never see. As the glaciers retreated they carved a large channel that filled with water from the melting ice. This chain of four lakes all connected by gentle flowing streams makes for an enjoyable paddle anytime of day. It is common to see, eagles, muskrats, beavers, salmon, trout, and assorted water fowl.

May is highlighted with multiple families of mergansers and grebes in the streams. Children love the bright yellow flowers and green petals of water lilies which highlight the month of June. July and August find the streams FILLED with RED SALMON: And the best way to view salmon? From a kayak of course.

You can select the four lakes or the three lakes tour. The four lakes tour involves a portage of about 100 yards and a climb of about 100 feet. The three lakes tour has one small portage across a road; otherwise you paddle in streams that connect all the lakes.

You park at the Kayak Center on Wasilla lake, leave your car, and we will shuttle you and your boats to Cottonwood Lake. Off you go for a great paddle. The average trip time is 4 hrs. But, you have your boat for the day so take your time.

We give you a map, (hard to get lost) a quick paddle intro if you need one, and off you go.

Clothing: You get wet (paddles drip, water fights happen….), we recommend nylon pants, a shoe you can get wet, pack to carry extra clothing in, wind jacket just in case.

Dates: Mid May to Mid Sept

Call to reserve; We can set start times for 10 am, noon, 2 pm

Generally takes groups 4 hours,
price: $60 per person… you have you choice of solo or double kayaks
Children under 12… Half Price if they ride in a double