WW Bullet Belt Stohlquist

Whitewater Bullet Belt Throw Bag Stohlquist

Same streamlined “bullet nose” shape as the SeaTOW BULLET Bag, so it throws like a football. This is a “Ready-at-Hand” throw bag. Looking over the drop, you’ll never have to hike all the way back up to your boat to get the rescue bag.

  • 50′ of high-vis, floating solid core polypropylene rope (3/16″ diameter, 700lbs tensile strength).
  • Rope pays out of reverse tapered bullet efficiently.
  • Wide gusseted reverse taper makes it fast and easy to re-stuff.
  • Belt loops allow your QR belt to easily slide through, and attach to back of your PFD.
  • Mesh top for fast drainage when resting.
  • Solid sided halfway up for water scoop ballast for instant re-throw efficiency.
  • Shaped to fit inside DESCENT PFD front pocket.