Regal Jackson Kayak

Designed for its simplicity. Liveries/outfitters, cottage goers and beach savvy folks have long been asking for a boat that sits stable, is easy to paddle, keeps you dry, requires no maintenance and is easy to manage… the Regal does all this and more!

The Basics: The Regal has one single-minded goal: fun! The core design of this boat is based off our best selling sit-on-top, the Riviera, but with a closed deck and cockpit aimed at keeping paddlers drier even when the wind comes up and a sudden change of weather blows in. Hop in the Regal for sunning, jaunts across the lake, down a river, surfing on the ocean, kayak fishing at your local spot and any other casual water activity. The roomy back deck allows you to tie on your fishing gear, a snack, a cooler of drinks or provide a nice place for your child or dog to chill out and enjoy the ride.

Recreation at its finest: The highlights of the Jackson Regal:

  • Lake dwellers will find the Regal ready for all kinds of water frolic. From solo paddles around the dock to long expeditions the Regal tracks very well and gets you from point A to Point B with speed and comfort. An ergonomically designed built-in seat and adjustable foot holds make this the ideal choice of craft to simply kick back in around the lake.
  • Adventurers hoping to get out there for that exploratory trip across the lake, into marshlands and down rivers, its amazing where the Regal can take you. With the back deck perfect for stashing kayak or fishing gear, the Regal is a great choice for fishing or day treks. For those skilled in moving water, the Regal has even been known to blast down whitewater.
  • Liveries and Outfitters and Boat Rental Companies are often frustrated by boats with too many moving parts, too heavy, difficult to maintain and impossible to store. The Regal was built to make life easy for professional liveries, outfitters and beach and park concessionaires. With no moving parts and ‘whitewater strong’ plastic molding, the Regal is the perfect rental craft for your business.
  • Length: 11’4”
  • Width: 30”
  • Weight: 49lbs
  • Cockpit (outside): 47.5”x23”
  • Capacity: 300 lbs