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Villain and Villain S

The Paddler’s Advantage: Imagine feeling invincible.   Feeling stable, and well protected with the ample volume around you, while feeling like you are paddling at your best.   The Villain gives you that feeling.  If you flip over, you’ll also be confident in your roll in this boat.

  1. Beginners– begin to get feelings of accomplishment right away.   You’ll be rewarded with a stable easy to move around package.   Learn to roll, boof, and river run.
  2. Intermediates– You’ll want to start finding new, more challenging creeks and rivers to take your Villain too.   Catching eddies, ferries, boofing, and going over holes and out the other side will all feel easier.   You’ll feel like your boat wants to stay upright more than ever before and you’ll be able to focus on the river more.
  3. Experts:   The speed of the hull, paired up with the snappy turns into the smallest micro eddies make this boat a confidence inspiring ride through the hardest waters.   Predictable waterfall running and resurfacing,  Stable on, in, or under the water in big drops.   Uni-shock bulkhead for leg, ankle, and boat protection in the case of impact.   Perfect choice for extreme racing.

Villain S – $1149

Colors: Spider, Green

  • Length: 8’2”
  • Width: 25.5”
  • Height: 14.5″
  • Volume: 79.5 gallons
  • Cockpit size 20.5″ x 34.75″
  • Weight:  41 lbs
  • Target weight range: 100-180 lbs

Villain – $1149

  • Length: 8’8”
  • Width: 27.0”
  • Height: 15.5”
  • Volume: 92.5 gallons
  • Cockpit size: 21.63″ x 36.75
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Weight Range: 155-230+

Fun Runner

If you want to river run easily, surf waves and holes in control, but want more speed, room, and ease of staying upright than other river running playboats, this is for you. A big step towards river running from the Fun, but still keeping the great surfing characteristics of the JK playboats, the Fun Runner is just that- A really Fun river Runner. Since it is nearly a foot longer than a fun, and nearly a foot shorter than most creekers it is positioned right in the middle for length, speed, and maneuverability. This boat is instruction and learning friendly, while it also performs beautifully for the most advanced paddlers. The Fun Runner is built from scratch from the ground up with a friendly planing hull and effective chines/edges, as well as a roomy foot area as part of a sleek low profile deck for surfing and keeping the boats weight to a minimum. The Fun Runner helps complete the river running category for Jackson Kayak in good form.

Fun Runner 70 – $1149

Color: Red, Green

  • Length = 8’2” (249 cm)
  • Width = 26-3/8” (67 cm)
  • Height = 13-3/8” (34 cm)
  • Volume = 70 US Gallons (265 liters)

Recommended Weight Ranges:

  • Beginner- 140-210
  • Intermediate- 170-230
  • Advanced- 190-250


The beginner will achieve confidence immediately as the stability of the Zen along with its supreme JK comfort and the ease of rolling will shorten the learning curve.  With 3 sizes (small, medium and large) Jackson Kayak provides this kayak to any sized boater, making it the ideal kayak for schools and clubs.

Advanced boaters are going to look to the Zen as well for a big water boat of choice.  Expect to see unbelievable footage from classic runs like the North Fork of the Payette next spring featuring team JK and the Zen.

Zen 55 – $1149

Color: Earth, Yellow, Red

  • Length = 7’10-1/2” (240 cm)
  • Width = 23-3/4” (60.3 cm)
  • Height = 12” (30.5 cm)
  • Volume =  60 US Gallons (219 liters)
  • Weight = 36.5 lbs
  • Weight Range: 70-150

Zen 65 – $1149

Color: Red, Yellow

  • Length = 8’4” (254 cm)
  • Width = 25-1/2” (64.8 cm)
  • Height = 12-3/4” (32.4 cm)
  • Volume = 70 US Gallons (257 liters)
  • Weight = 40 lbs
  • Weight Range= 135-200

Zen 75 – $1149

Color: Steel

  • Length =8’10” (269.2 cm)
  • Width = 27” (68.6 cm)
  • Height = 14” (35.6 cm)
  • Volume = 80 US Gallons (295 liters)
  • Weight = 43.5 lbs
  • Weight Range= 160-260

Coosa Fishing Kayak

The Basics: Stability, durability and specialization to the fisherman’s needs are the three answered objectives of the Coosa’s unique design. The wider hull design, Stability and Standability, Hi/Lo seat setup, deck arrangement with numerous paddle/rod staging and holding options, and the unique secondary edges designed by World Champion Jackson Kayak engineers make the Coosa the most stable craft on the water. Build with elite plastic molding, as designed for whitewater kayakers, the Coosa can withstand anything an angler can throw at it; Couple that with outstanding and unique fishing features and you have simply the best all round fishing kayak out there.

The Coosa Advantage: The highlights of the Jackson Kayak Coosa:

  • Amazing Kayak Fishing Features tells the tale with the Coosa and will make any angler happy. From the standard rod holders in a variety of positions, to rod stagers all over the Coosa for quick access from any side, to tackle access points around the boat and right under your seat, and to a locking hatch system for storing your gear, rods and camping equipment make this a fully equipped boat for fishing of all sorts.
  • The Anglers Choice is quite easily the Coosa for its logically configured and fishing-minded setup. Advanced features like the facilitation of a recessed drag-chain system, Tallon recesses for mounts that are specialized in utilizing RAM and Scotty accessories, as well as extra stability for those who fish standing up are all features built in for a variety of anglers. We’ve crafted the length, the hull, superb stability and the Coosa’s set up to master all forms of fishing….from fishing the weeds, stalking the flats, hitting rocky shores, sliding by eddy-lines, busting coastal waves to get to offshore spots to mid-lake trolling.
  • The River Kayak Fishing Niche has been completely overlooked for many years in the kayak fishing world. Moving water, narrow flats, bushed-in waterways, oxbow lakes and whitewater are natural feeding grounds for all river fish and most of the action is found in these narrows, stretches and rapids. For generations some of these grounds have been missed simply due to inaccessibility; hidden oxbow lakes from rivers, pools loaded with unfished territory in between rapids and much more. The Coosa’s ‘creek-style’ hull design, secondary stability, whitewater-esq ‘rocker’ all make for a performing river craft. It turns tight, slips shallow to get over debris, bumps and grinds shallow river beds and punches holes and waves in class IV whitewater… getting you to some of the most untouched fishing grounds on earth!

Elite – $1099

(2012 changes highlighted in red)

  • Removable Elite Hi/Lo Seat
  • Lockable bow and stern hatches that can store fishing rods up to 11ft
  • Day hatch for accessories
  • Adjustable foot pegs
  • 23 inch wide, non slick standing platform
  • Drag chain/anchor recess
  • Rod stagers and flush mount rod holders
  • Paddle stager and paddle holder
  • Cup holder
  • Tackle storage under seat
  • Replaceable skid plate on keel
  • Large tankwell with bungee
  • Superlinear polyethylene hull
  • 31.5 inches wide
  • 11’3 long
  • 63lbs without elite seat, 67lbs with seat
  • New grey elite seat
  • New closeable underside pocket/rod stager on underside of seat
  • New Removable rear utility bag on seat
  • New Jackson Kayak long load safety flag included
  • New Stand-assist strap included
  • New heavy duty seat attachment bar
  • New color schemes
  • New silver Jackson Kayak logo
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    Sea Kayak Deep Water Rescue

    seakayak15Learn sea-kayaking rescue and safety skills with Alaska Kayak Academy

    This 3 hour beginner-level class is held on Wasilla Lake. We teach multiple techniques to get into a capsized sea kayak and get the water out. We also spend the first portion discussion sea kayaking safety (reading maps, gear to bring, where to paddle, numbers to call) Boat, spray skirt, PFD, drysuit and paddle are all included in the class cost. Come dressed in long underwear NO JEANS. Bring a change of clothes.

    Price: $90

    Sundays: 1 pm – 4 pm   Reservations REQUIRED



    BetSea PFD for Women

    BetSea Women PFD
    BetSea, comfortable, stylish, just for women

    Ladies BetSEA is an ultra comfortable, form fitting, anatomically correct, front zip entry, paddler’s swim vest.

    The women’s specific BetSEA features the ergonomic WRAPTURE™ shaped torso that wraps around the body for a close, low profile and comfortable fit. The cross-chest cinch harness keeps flotation positioned low on the torso, eliminating ride-up while providing the most effective in water buoyancy.

    • Ergonomic WRAPTURE™ shaped torso
    • Princess seams inside & out for the feminine fit
    • Built-in contoured supportive inner cups wrap rather than crush
    • Two large zippered pockets for easy accessibility & storage
    • Lined hand warmer pockets
    • Ventilated shoulder and lumbar pads
    • Webbing hang loop for drying & storage
    • Hand beveled foam for a closer more comfortable fit
    • Cross-chest cinch harness eliminated ride-up
    • Extra wide armholes for maximum mobility
    • Key attachment point inside front pocket
    • 1″ webbing belt, with forward pulls for a trim and secure fit
    • High waistline cut
    • #10 YKK front zip entry
    • 4-way accessory lash tabs located on check and back shoulder
    • 3M™ reflective trim on both front and back shoulder
    • Adjustable shoulder straps

    price: $119.95


    Get a Way PFD for Women

    Great Women mesh back PFD

    High performance economical equivalents of our CRUISER/TREKKer vests feature 420 denier outer shell and soft 210 denier inner liner. High back flotation fits comfortably above the seat backs found in today’s sit-on-top kayaks. Cross-chest cinch harness eliminates ride-up and fit the vest lower on the torso for full mobility, more effective buoyancy and additional comfort. Easy front-zip entry, roomy pockets, and a wide range of adjustability for the perfect fit.

    • Open sides for ventilation.
    • Women’s model has built-in supportive inner cups.
    • Neoprene padded back lower waistband.
    • 1 1/2″ webbing belt, dual forward pulls for a trim and low profile fit.
    • Beverage/bellows pockets with drainage.
    • High back rides above back rest.
    • Adjustable 1 1/2″ webbing shoulder and side pulls.
    • Cross-chest cinch harness for zero ride-up.
    • #10 YKK zipper with non-corroding slider.
    • 420 denier nylon outer shell and 210 denier inner lining.
    • Type III PFD with Sea Level Buoyancy: 16 lbs. 2 oz..

    price: $79.95


    Werner Powerhouse

    Blade:  Premium WW Fiberglass Laminate Cross Section

    • Blade design is evenly balanced so the catch is clean, immediately powerful, and smooth through out the entire stroke
    • Mid-sized blades fit the widest range of kayakers
    • A slight dihedral offers the right combination for both smooth maneuvering strokes and a powerful forward stroke
    • High quality continuous weave fiberglass materials for the lightest strongest paddle available

    Shaft: Straight, Neutral, 4pc straight only

    Straight Shaft

    • More traditional feeling and generally less expensive.
    • The lightest weight option available.
    • Continuous length allows for easy hand movement.
    Neutral Bent Shaft

    • Neutral bent shafts naturally aligns wrists to reduce fatigue
    • More hand to shaft contact for increased control
    • Immediate comfort and reduced strain with lighter grip
    • Light weight with Werner durability
    • Balanced for precise control and comfort


    • Straight Shaft 952g/33.50z
    • Neutral Bent Shaft 1035g/36.5oz
    • 4pc: Straight Shaft Only 1086g/380z

    Straight Shaft $250
    Neutral Bent Shaft $345
    4pc: Straight Shaft Only $300


    Feathercraft Bay Lee 1


    Bay Lee I w skirt: tough as nails


    BAY LEE I Packraft

    Regular w/o skirt:    $1195

    Regular with skirt:    $1350

    Self  Bailer:                   $1530

    Now A Self-Bailing floor!

    NO SPRAY SKIRT REQUIRED: The material is RUGGED as well. Very forgiving

    • Regular w skirt: 6.5 lbs, (Alpacka Yak is 5.5 lbs)
    • Self Bailer:  10 lbs
    • Length:  2.03m (6′ 8″)
    • Width: .94m (37″)
    • Skirt: Zips, seams sealed, tough, very little water gets in
    • Colors: Red , Blue
    • Thigh Straps:  lash tabs in correct spot for ready to go thigh straps
    • TWO air chambers
    • FOUR air chambers in the Floor Self  Bailer
    • Inflated floor makes it WARMER, no need to carry an air mattress
    • REAL spring loaded valve like a river raft, no unscrewing,  just push
    • Super Comfortable seat, with adjustment allowing the paddler to move the seat forward for better trim
    • FOOT Brace; two lash tabs down low allowing you to put a nylon strap from tube to tube and make an outstanding foot brace.
    AKA report:
    Hiker / Adventure Packrafters: Bay Lee I w skirt. This boat is about the same size as the Alpacka Yak, and weights one pound more. For the extra pound we think its is much tougher and safer. The skirt is very dry, and we feel it is much stronger than the Alpacka cruiser skirt. This boat will handle class III, the advantage over the self bailing model is a dry floor (and 3 lbs). With no holes (self bailer has holes around the perimeter) the boat is nice on moving current or lakes. The Bay Lee is made of more durable material than a Yak, and the floor wraps up the tube; a spot we notice is a high wear spot (when people exit the river, they are tired, and often drag boats, so sterns see more abbrassion). In addition all  Bay Lee I’s have TWO air tubes, right and left. We think it makes for a safer boat should one have a rapid deflation while in whitewater. In 2011, we really liked the self bailer; in 2012 we started using the skirted boat; we were very impressed with how effective the zip spray skirt kept water out. We also liked how easy it was to  exit the boat when it flipped. At first we thought we would need to unzip, but we never did, exit was fast and clean.
    Thrill Seeker: Bay Lee I self bailer:  We tested this boat all summer. We were impressed with how fast it emptied, and we really loved how not having a spray deck made the boat safer. Most whitewater packrafting tends to be in small rivers or creeks, where wood, sweepers, and bind turns are common. All of our , “close calls”, have involved trying to get out or into an Alpacka with the cruiser skirt. Also when running classes, instructors on more than one occassion have exited the  Bay Lee I self bailer, secured a student, run-away raft, or fired a throw rope from a secure river bank. We do not think we could have done that when we had to disengage from a spray deck. This boat does weigh more; 10 lbs, but in demanding non-stop whitewater, our instructors still tended to select it even when having to hike 5-10 miles.

    Bay Lee I Self Bailing; easy in easy out



    Bay Lee I with self bail floor / fast entry, exit


    Werner Powerhouse Whitewater

    The Powerhouse offers amazing power and responsiveness needed for big creeks and river running. Full size blades are evenly balanced to create a clean catch that is immediately powerful and smooth through out the entire stroke.

    • Larger blades are ideal for well conditioned paddlers who love to run big rivers and creeks
    • Balanced blade design is smooth and powerful from catch to release
    • Werner’s legendary bomber strength

    Full-sized River Running & Creeking Blade

    • Blade design is evenly balanced so the catch is clean, immediately powerful, and smooth through out the entire stroke
    • Full-sized blades catch a lot of water and are appropriate for stronger, well conditioned paddlers.
    Premium WW Fiberglass Laminate Cross Section

    • A slight dihedral offers the right combination for both smooth maneuvering strokes and a powerful forward stroke
    • High quality continuous weave fiberglass materials for the lightest strongest paddle available
    Straight Shaft

    • More traditional feeling and generally less expensive.
    • The lightest weight option available.
    • Continuous length allows for easy hand movement.
    Neutral Bent Shaft

    • Neutral bent shafts naturally aligns wrists to reduce fatigue
    • More hand to shaft contact for increased control
    • Immediate comfort and reduced strain with lighter grip
    • Light weight with Werner durability
    • Balanced for precise control and comfort

    Straight Shaft


    Neutral Bent Shaft 1063g/37.5oz
    4pc: Straight Shaft Only


    Straight Shaft $250
    Neutral Bent Shaft $345
    4pc: Straight Shaft Only $300