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Shred Carbon 200 cm


Shred Carbon- 200 cm

4 part brake down

Blade: Shred for power

Shaft: T-700 Carbon for lightweight and strength

Weight: 34.50 oz



Sea Kayak Rescue WINTER COURSE

Knowing HOW and IF you can get back into a capsized kayak is CRITICAL to your SURVIVAL. Learning how to execute this manuever is even nicer when practiced in a WARM Pool.

You will learn multiple techniques to re-mount a capsized sea kayak both alone and with the assistance of a partner, Tow a swimmer, learn bracing


May 9, 2014  7 pm – 9 pm
$90 incldes all eqpt (you are welcome to use your own boat)


Ask about the weekend trip from Whittier and attaining a ACA level III certification.

Camping, tides, wind, weather, strokes, tows, rescue; all the skills to be a at an ACA level III skill set

$250:  pool class resecue, two full days paddling out of Whittier, camp, all paddle gear included Dry suit TOO !!

May 9,10,11, 2014 Session I  pool rescue location

July 9,2,13 2014 Session II  lake rescue location

Aug 13,16,17, 2014  Session III lake rescue location

Whittier class is May 4-5 or May 11 -12


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Beginning Whitewater Kayak Paddling Class

kayak lessons

The Beginning kayak class includes all equipment, all you need is swim suit or shorts and a T shirt.

Winter Class start:  

sesson I:  March 10, 2013

session II: April 7, 2013

YMCA Anchorage:   2:30 PM to 4:30 PM

class includes: all strokes, balance, capsizing and exit;  all equipment.

 whitewater paddlers.

$70 / person / session


  • Safe entry and exit from a kayak, flipping and wet exit
  • all strokes, forward, reverse, sweeps, draws, skull, and rudder strokes
  • Learning balance and how to shift your weight is the most critical skill for stability and performing effortless turns.

In addition students are introduced to beginning fundamentals of the roll. Students will also learn about different types of kayaks, paddles, and cold water immersion clothing


Sea Kayak Paddling Class

Sea Kayak ClassLearn sea kayak paddling skills with Alaska Kayaking Academy’s expert instruction.

This two hour class takes place at the Kayak Center on Wasilla Lake. It is open to everyone over 10 years old. Participants will accomplish a general understanding of how to maneuver their kayak. We cover: launching, sweep strokes, rudder strokes, forward, draw stroke, skulling stroke, and stopping.

We provide the boat, paddle, sprayskirt, and PFD.

Dates; Starting mid May, call for dates

Tues – Fri:   6pm – 8 pm

Sat:               10 am – noon

group of 6 or more call to schedule a private time

want a class during the week day: Call we may be able to fit you in