Werner Powerhouse

Blade:  Premium WW Fiberglass Laminate Cross Section

  • Blade design is evenly balanced so the catch is clean, immediately powerful, and smooth through out the entire stroke
  • Mid-sized blades fit the widest range of kayakers
  • A slight dihedral offers the right combination for both smooth maneuvering strokes and a powerful forward stroke
  • High quality continuous weave fiberglass materials for the lightest strongest paddle available

Shaft: Straight, Neutral, 4pc straight only

Straight Shaft

  • More traditional feeling and generally less expensive.
  • The lightest weight option available.
  • Continuous length allows for easy hand movement.
Neutral Bent Shaft

  • Neutral bent shafts naturally aligns wrists to reduce fatigue
  • More hand to shaft contact for increased control
  • Immediate comfort and reduced strain with lighter grip
  • Light weight with Werner durability
  • Balanced for precise control and comfort


  • Straight Shaft 952g/33.50z
  • Neutral Bent Shaft 1035g/36.5oz
  • 4pc: Straight Shaft Only 1086g/380z

Straight Shaft $250
Neutral Bent Shaft $345
4pc: Straight Shaft Only $300