Packraft Beginner Classes

Packraft 101: Moving Current

Packraft 102: Intro to Whitewater

Smooth water makes for Ideal learning classroom

PackRaft 101 Moving Current:

LEARN to run the RIVER……. This 3 hr class will teach you what you need to feel safe on class I & II water.

* Eqpt needed to be safe on moving current
* Packing and carrying your boat
* Efficient launching and landing
* Reading current and avoiding hazards
* Using an eddy as your “brakes”
* Forward and back ferry technique
* Efficient paddle skills for packrafts

This is the ideal class for those curious about learning about packrafts and those planning adventures in their packrafts on class I and II rivers. Those looking to expand into Whitewater and running class III water should take the River Safety Class.

Packraft 102: Intro to Whitewater

Read the river

Eddy turns

Ferry skills

run class II rapids

How to rig a packraft for whitewater

Capsize… flip and remount

This 4 hour class will give you the basic skills to handle your boat in class II water. No prior experience required, we will get you  the knowledge and skills you need to understand the risk and the skill needed to navigate class II rivers.

Either Class:

price: $125 class, $30 drysuit/packraft rental.

Season:  Starts May

Reservation REQUIRED, Email or call to find to book or learn which dates have openings.

Normally this class runs weekdays and is conducted on Eagle River. We can only schedule a weekend in July and August depending upon instructor availability

Check out our 2 day safety course :

Packraft River Safety Class