Packraft 101 : Beginner Moving Current

Smooth water makes for Ideal learning classroom

PackRaft I Moving Current:

LEARN to run the RIVER……. This 3 hr class will teach you what you need to feel safe on class I & II water.

* Eqpt needed to be safe on moving current
* Packing and carrying your boat
* Efficient launching and landing
* Reading current and avoiding hazards
* Using an eddy as your “brakes”
* Forward and back ferry technique
* Efficient paddle skills for packrafts

This is the ideal class for those curious about learning about packrafts and those planning adventures in their packrafts on class I and II rivers. Those looking to expand into Whitewater and running class III water should take the River Safety Class.

price: $100 we supply  boat, paddle, PFD, pack, dry suit. (you are welcome to use your gear)
Season:  Starts May

run every Thursday

Scheduled on demand
Reservation REQUIRED

Normally this class runs weekdays or weekday evenings. We can only schedule a weekend in July and August depending upon instructor availability

Check out our 2 day safety course :

Packraft River Safety Class