Feathercraft Bay Lee 1


Bay Lee I w skirt: tough as nails


BAY LEE I Packraft

Regular w/o skirt:    $1195

Regular with skirt:    $1350

Self  Bailer:                   $1530

Now A Self-Bailing floor!

NO SPRAY SKIRT REQUIRED: The material is RUGGED as well. Very forgiving

  • Regular w skirt: 6.5 lbs, (Alpacka Yak is 5.5 lbs)
  • Self Bailer:  10 lbs
  • Length:  2.03m (6′ 8″)
  • Width: .94m (37″)
  • Skirt: Zips, seams sealed, tough, very little water gets in
  • Colors: Red , Blue
  • Thigh Straps:  lash tabs in correct spot for ready to go thigh straps
  • TWO air chambers
  • FOUR air chambers in the Floor Self  Bailer
  • Inflated floor makes it WARMER, no need to carry an air mattress
  • REAL spring loaded valve like a river raft, no unscrewing,  just push
  • Super Comfortable seat, with adjustment allowing the paddler to move the seat forward for better trim
  • FOOT Brace; two lash tabs down low allowing you to put a nylon strap from tube to tube and make an outstanding foot brace.
AKA report:
Hiker / Adventure Packrafters: Bay Lee I w skirt. This boat is about the same size as the Alpacka Yak, and weights one pound more. For the extra pound we think its is much tougher and safer. The skirt is very dry, and we feel it is much stronger than the Alpacka cruiser skirt. This boat will handle class III, the advantage over the self bailing model is a dry floor (and 3 lbs). With no holes (self bailer has holes around the perimeter) the boat is nice on moving current or lakes. The Bay Lee is made of more durable material than a Yak, and the floor wraps up the tube; a spot we notice is a high wear spot (when people exit the river, they are tired, and often drag boats, so sterns see more abbrassion). In addition all  Bay Lee I’s have TWO air tubes, right and left. We think it makes for a safer boat should one have a rapid deflation while in whitewater. In 2011, we really liked the self bailer; in 2012 we started using the skirted boat; we were very impressed with how effective the zip spray skirt kept water out. We also liked how easy it was to  exit the boat when it flipped. At first we thought we would need to unzip, but we never did, exit was fast and clean.
Thrill Seeker: Bay Lee I self bailer:  We tested this boat all summer. We were impressed with how fast it emptied, and we really loved how not having a spray deck made the boat safer. Most whitewater packrafting tends to be in small rivers or creeks, where wood, sweepers, and bind turns are common. All of our , “close calls”, have involved trying to get out or into an Alpacka with the cruiser skirt. Also when running classes, instructors on more than one occassion have exited the  Bay Lee I self bailer, secured a student, run-away raft, or fired a throw rope from a secure river bank. We do not think we could have done that when we had to disengage from a spray deck. This boat does weigh more; 10 lbs, but in demanding non-stop whitewater, our instructors still tended to select it even when having to hike 5-10 miles.

Bay Lee I Self Bailing; easy in easy out



Bay Lee I with self bail floor / fast entry, exit