Whitewater Paddling Class

Whitewater Kayaking ClassesWhitewater kayaking Instruction

We offer several classes to learn the skills needed to safely enjoy whitewater kayaking.

Classes include:

  • basic padding strokes and skills
  • rolling clinics
  • eddy turns and ferrying
  • river running and reading water

We provide boats, paddles, spray skirts, pfds, helmets, and dry suits.

We offer classes by appointment. Call to schedule yourclass.

Learning Whitewater kayaking takes time and patients. We offer classes in a 3 part series:

  • Basic Paddle on the Lake …………………………………………….2 hrs
  • Eddy turns and ferry skills on the river…………………………. 2-3 hr
  • River Running and reading rapids………………………………… 3 hr
  • Rolling  is booked seperate and not included in this series…..see Rescue Class/kayak roll  for details on rolling

The series costs: $400

We recommend you book your series over a 3 day period. We will not take you on the River Running class if your instructor feels you have not mastered Eddy and Ferry skills. Running the river is easy, stopping when you want, moving from left to right, and staying up-right are the skills required to advance to class III water. We want you to “learn”, not swim; you learn little when you spend half of your time up-side-down swimming to shore. That is why we will delay your river running class; we want you to LEARN SKILLS, not just escort you down the river, and fetch your boat when you swim.

Normal progression is to complete your Basic Paddle Lake class one evening. Complete Eddy & Ferry on a Saturday morning, and River Running on  Saturday afternoon. But it is a fine idea to put off river running to a different day. Because we do so much guiding, it is common for whitewater kayak classes to be held on week days, or week day evenings during the summer.

Because most classes are private or no more than 4 students, you have the opportunity to advance at a speed tailored to your learning curve. If you are picking it up quickly; your instructor will move you along.

There is NO STANDARD CLASS or STUDENT: We have been teaching Whitewater Kayaking for 10 years, and Jim, the owner and an ACA certified whitewater instructor has been kayaking for over 35 years. Everyone learns at a different rate, and most students find whitewater kayaking to be one most challenging sports that they have attempted.

Our GOAL: That you Learn, have a GOOD TIME, and advance with each session

Schedule: private, scheduled on demand