Sea Kayak Rescue WINTER COURSE

Knowing HOW and IF you can get back into a capsized kayak is CRITICAL to your SURVIVAL. Learning how to execute this manuever is even nicer when practiced in a WARM Pool.

You will learn multiple techniques to re-mount a capsized sea kayak both alone and with the assistance of a partner, Tow a swimmer, learn bracing


May 9, 2014  7 pm – 9 pm
$90 incldes all eqpt (you are welcome to use your own boat)


Ask about the weekend trip from Whittier and attaining a ACA level III certification.

Camping, tides, wind, weather, strokes, tows, rescue; all the skills to be a at an ACA level III skill set

$250:  pool class resecue, two full days paddling out of Whittier, camp, all paddle gear included Dry suit TOO !!

May 9,10,11, 2014 Session I  pool rescue location

July 9,2,13 2014 Session II  lake rescue location

Aug 13,16,17, 2014  Session III lake rescue location

Whittier class is May 4-5 or May 11 -12