Prince William Sound Sea Kayaking: BIG ICE Trip

Sea Kayak Blackstone bayThis is why you came to Alaska: Paddle in the ice! This full day adventure (depart Anchorage 7 AM return 7 PM) gets you up close and personal with the BIG GLACIERS of Alaska. Huge waterfalls, large calving icebergs, and the constant thunder of the glaciers cracking and moving are the highlight of this adventure. Paddle sea kayaks among icebergs calving from the glaciers of Blackstone Bay. It is common to see otters, seals, sea lions and gull rookeries.


Depart Anchorage at 7:00 am and drive the Seward Hwy to the 2 .5 long Whittier Tunnel. The tunnel is one-way so we need to make the 8:30 am tunnel. [for a history of the tunnel]  Upon arrival in Whittier we load the water taxi with kayaks for the 45 minute trip out to Blackstone. Many of our clients claim that the drive and motor launch ride have already met their expectations and we have not even started to paddle yet!

Upon arrival at the beach, we off load, spend time reviewing proper paddle technique and off we go. We paddle for about 1.5 hrs past the 300 foot waterfall coming off of Northland Glacier and several Kittiwake Rookeries to a small beach for lunch. After lunch we paddle up close to obtain breath taking views of Blackstone Glacier only a quarter of a mile away… you can feel the cold of the ice.

After lunch we are off to Beloit Glacier to paddle among the ice flows, grab a few pieces of ice for your water bottle or just scoop some up and lick away. UMMMM that salt water coating is tasty. Where you find ice; you usually find seals. Not always, but very common to find seals in this bay.



transport from your Anchorage Hotel… free

Tunnel and parking in Whittier…………..free

Dry suit……………………………………………..only guide that gives clients dry suits

Water Taxi and Kayak Tour……………….priceless


1-4   $1,400).  We will guarantee you a very private, and intimate small trip that you and your special someone will never forget. This IS the trip our clients continually comment, “The BEST thing I did in Alaska.  As far as we know; no other guide service will even do this trip with less than 4 clients.

5 or more  $340/person

what’s included:
guides, kayaks, transport (round trip Anchorage), tunnel fees, parking fees, water taxi fees. DRY SUITS ! we want you comfortable and SAFE. so we have dry suits for all clients to make the trip enjoyable.

you need: running shoe or sandal for over your dry suit, warm socks, warm layers, fleece and poly pro are good, warm hat, sun hat,

lunch: we can provide, or you can save $10 and provide your own. We always have thermos of hot drinks in case it rains.

Check our competition; you will see they charge more, and you need to get yourself to Whittier; we give you transport for free, tunnel for free, parking for free; and the convenience of hotel pickup / drop off or , we will drop you at the airport!

We have doubles and solo kayaks, your choice. Never kayaked?  Do not worry, most of our clientele are beginners. This fjord is tucked 8 miles back, we seldom have much wind.

time: Anchorage pick up: 7 am, return 7 pm

for a fantastic photo blog of Blackstone go to:http://www.endurefun.com/photos/v/Summer2004/BlackstoneBayKayaking/aaa_006.jpg.html