WW Bullet Belt Stohlquist

Whitewater Bullet Belt Throw Bag Stohlquist

Same streamlined “bullet nose” shape as the SeaTOW BULLET Bag, so it throws like a football. This is a “Ready-at-Hand” throw bag. Looking over the drop, you’ll never have to hike all the way back up to your boat to get the rescue bag.

  • 50′ of high-vis, floating solid core polypropylene rope (3/16″ diameter, 700lbs tensile strength).
  • Rope pays out of reverse tapered bullet efficiently.
  • Wide gusseted reverse taper makes it fast and easy to re-stuff.
  • Belt loops allow your QR belt to easily slide through, and attach to back of your PFD.
  • Mesh top for fast drainage when resting.
  • Solid sided halfway up for water scoop ballast for instant re-throw efficiency.
  • Shaped to fit inside DESCENT PFD front pocket.



Sea Tow Bullet Bag Stohlquist

Sea Tow Bullet Bag Stohlquist

A streamlined “bullet nose” throws like a football. The flattened back side attaches onto the PFD back, ready for deployment and use.

  • 55′ of high-vis, floating solid core polypropylene rope (3/16″ diameter, 700lbs tensile strength).
  • Carabiner doubles as a rip cord handle for easy twist deployment.
  • Unit mounts to the back center of the DESCENT, TOW mOtion and X-traxt-d PFD’s.
  • Back side has belt loops to mount on Stohlquist QR Belts.
  • 1/4″ thick PE float foam plate lays flush against the PFD back.
  • Flexible design allows for mounting on QR belt for left or right hand deployment.
  • Rope anchors to back plate for direct translation to torso energy, and feeds out through gusseted reverse taper of soft compressible 200D Oxford nylon.
  • Internal drawcord & barrel lock secures rope inside while not in use.
  • With a tug, the stopper knot “punches through” and releases.



Class III Throw Bag Stohlquist

speed load throw bag



Class III- Rescue Bag


For Packraft and Whitewater Kayak:

55 ft 1/4 inch 1300 lbs tensile strength………$39.85.. perfect for most PR situations
65 ft 5/16 inch 1500 lbs tensile strength…….$49.95.. extra 10 feet comes in handy
75 ft 3/8 inch 2000 lbs tensile strength………$54.95 ..Creeking and larger rivers

You will love how FAST you can LOAD these rope. makes you want to throw your rope 

  • High visibility, floating Waterline
  • Reverse tapered bag and funnel-tip allow for easy reloads
  • Mesh ventilation at tip provides drainage
  • Allows for water loading and quick re-throws
  • Dedicated user name and contact area
  • Rope size,length, and strength printed on bag bottom
  • Bottom grab handle configured to keep wrist free from entrapment
  • Heavy-duty bungee draw cord closure
  • Designed for swimmer rescue situations