PackRaft 201: River Safety 2 day course

Gettin Wet Packraft

Your Classroom; learn class III skills

Packraft 201:

River Safety Class Advanced River Skills……

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This TWO DAY class teaches the skills to run class II and III whitewater. The classroom will vary but we will tend to use smaller rocky rivers. Learn how to:

  • self rescue in rapids
  • demanding ferries
  • scouting
  • throw bags
  • swimming with your gear
  • efficient paddling in whitewater

Bracing: Key to not flipping

Day One: A.M.
* Learn stroke technique and efficiency,
*How to rig a boat for safety in whitewater
*Capsize and mount in flat water
*Rescue swim with your paddle.

* Run class II and moving current
* Learn how to read water, scout a rapid, locate eddies,
* Learn how enter and exit an eddy
* Ferry forward and reverse, the tools for control
* how to deal with a pin in a log jam, before, during and after

Day Two:

* Rescue Drills: Swim a rapid and self rescue
* Throw and catch ropes
* Learn to throw a coiled rope
* Capsize in a rapid and self rescue
* Capsize in a rapid and catch throw lines with your gear
* Capsize in a rapid and remount in the rapid
* Run class III rapids.
* Pick a line in class III
* Run holes, surf, catch small eddies,
* Learn how to catch the “outside” eddy on a 90 degree turn

This class is for those that want to learn how to stay out of trouble. Great for all packraft paddlers but required for those looking to expand into class III and IV whitewater.  If you find the thought of flipping in the river terrorizing; this IS NOT your CLASS. Take packraft 101 first. Panic is the most dangerous situation on the water; we do not want students in panic.

$240   your boat your dry suit  (Make your own class of 6 and receive a 10% discount and your date)

$285  class and our boat

$285 class and our dry suit

$330  class and our boat our dry suit


payment due at time of booking: 

cancel 2 weeks before class date: full refund

cancel: less than 2 weeks 50% refund, 50% held and maybe applied toward a future class

cancel: less than 48 hrs before class date: NO refund, credit toward a future class



Dates 2017

Session: May 7 Kenai One day Class..$130

 (River Hazzards, swimming, paddle skills classII, wadding)

Session: May 13,14 Willow Creek  

Session: May 20,21 Willow Creek……FULL

Session: May 23,24 Willow Creek

Session : May 27,28,29 Memorial Day; Willow /Byers Crk. 

3 day class $310 this is a special 3 day course. Day 3 develops skills on a small , brush, blind turn creek, multiple river wide sieves are common. Students learn how to control a group decent down a very narrow blind little creek. This is the only time of year we do this creek due to BEARS. LOTS of BEARS on Byers come summer.

session: June 3,4 Willow Crk  co ed

sesssion June 3,4 Willow Crek WOMEN ONLY CLASS

session: June 6,7: Willow Crk

session: June 10,11: Willow Crk 

session : June 18,19: Willow Crk

session: June 24,25: Willow Crk

session July 1,2,3,4: 4 days / 4 Rivers $400. This will be a demanding trip focused on Class III & III+. Completion of PR 201 or instructor approval. High chance you will have a swim

session July 12, 13: Willow Crk

session July 22,23: Willow Crk

session: August: 11,12,13: Willow Crk end of sesaon deal, $240. 3 days of class for price of 2

More sessions may be added, best to call