PackRaft 201: River Safety 2 day course

Gettin Wet Packraft

Your Classroom; learn class III skills


Packraft 201:

River Safety Class Advanced River Skills……

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Background you need to take this class:

one needs to have:
1. a minimum of 3 river trips in their packraft, at least one trip in class II water
2. Successful completion of AKA Packraft 101 Beginner class with the whitewater option
3. Prior Whitewater kayaking experience
take a test drive with an instructor on the bridge to bridge section of Eagle river. Cost $50, if the instructor determines the student’s is qualified to attend the packraft 201 River Safety class the $50 will be applied toward the 201 tuition.

This TWO DAY class teaches the skills to run class II and III whitewater. The classroom will vary but we will tend to use smaller rocky rivers. Packrafting course are growing, AKA was the first to pioneer whitewater river courses for packrafting in 2007. We analyzed what packraft students need for skills. We took the skills from our whitewater kayak classes and selected skills from Swiftwater rescue Class and combined them in one class for packrafters. Our philosophy is to teach you how to read and run the river with skill so you do not have an accident. But, swims happen, so we  teach you what to do when swims happen.

Swiftwater rescue class is a valuable course to take. We found that many of the skills taught, and the equipment used in the traditional Swiftwater class just do not apply to packraft trips. We think learning how to swim and keep your paddle and your boat is of greater practical value than learning the “bait rescue” technique. Learning how to retrieve a runaway packraft, and get boat, paddle, and paddler together is of greater value than learning how to build a bomb proof Z drag system. We believe learning how to PADDLE well is the most IMPORTANT skill! That is why you spend a lot of time “DOING” skills in your boat, and not sitting in a classroom.

    • self rescue in rapids
    • demanding ferries
    • scouting
    • throw bags
    • swimming with your gear
    • efficient paddling in whitewater

Bracing: Key to not flipping

Day One: A.M.
* Learn stroke technique and efficiency,
*How to rig a boat for safety in whitewater
*Capsize and mount in flat water
*Rescue swim with your paddle.

* Run class II and moving current
* Learn how to read water, scout a rapid, locate eddies,
* Learn how enter and exit an eddy
* Ferry forward and reverse, the tools for control
* how to deal with a pin in a log jam, before, during and after

Day Two:

* Rescue Drills: Swim a rapid and self rescue
* Throw and catch ropes
* Capsize in a rapid and self rescue
* Capsize in a rapid and catch throw lines with your gear
* Capsize in a rapid and remount in the rapid
* Run class III rapids.
* Pick a line in class III
* Run holes, surf, catch small eddies,
* Learn how to catch the “outside” eddy on a 90 degree turn

This class is for those that want to learn how to stay out of trouble. Great for all packraft paddlers but required for those looking to expand into class III and IV whitewater.  If you find the thought of flipping in the river terrorizing; this IS NOT your CLASS. Take packraft 101 first. Panic is the most dangerous situation on the water; we do not want students in panic.

$250   your boat your dry suit  (Make your own class of 6 and receive a 10% discount and your date)

$295  class and our boat

$295 class and our dry suit

$340  class and our boat our dry suit


payment due at time of booking: 

cancel 2 weeks before class date: full refund

cancel: less than 2 weeks 50% refund, 50% held and maybe applied toward a future class

cancel: less than 48 hrs before class date: NO refund, credit toward a future class



Dates 2020


Session: May 16,17 Willow Creek

Session: May 20,21 Willow Creek … midweek class, 20% DISCOUNT

Session : May 23,24,25 Memorial Day; Willow /Byers Crk. 

3 day class $320 this is a special 3 day course. Course includes our standard 2 day whitewater skills course on Willow Creek. Day 3 develops skills on a small , brush, blind turn creek and multiple river wide sieves are common. Students learn how to control a group decent down a very narrow blind little creek. This is the only time of year we do this creek due to BEARS. LOTS of BEARS on Byers come summer.

session: May 30,31 Willow Creek

session: June 2,3 : Willow Crk  Midweek class, 20% discount save $50!

session : June 18,19 Willow Creek Midweek class, 20% discount save $50!

session: June 20,21 Willow Creek


PRIVATE: Class; $75/ hour 2 hr minimum.. Need to work certain skills? Book a private. We can up your game, give you more confidence, become a safer paddler, be more relaxed… just plain have a good time.

More sessions may be added, best to call…907 746 6600

More and more International students and Lower 48 students are booking these days. We will gladly coordinate a midweek class for you that focuses on skills that are most appropriate for your planned adventure in the Great Land. Please email or call for special dates.