4 Fun

Above picture of Fun, not 4 Fun, but it is the exact same style boat just a little bit bigger

The Paddler’s Advantage: Expect to be blown away with the combination of ease of paddling, lightweight construction, and comfort during your river run, and the high performance feel for surfing, and all playboating. This is a “go to” boat for kayak schools and beginners as well.

  • Beginners: ideal boat for learning the roll, and for a steep learning curve. Learn river running and playboating in one boat, have more fun on smaller water and be comfortable out there.
  • Intermediate paddlers: Watch your playboating skills develop quickly as this boat is a joy to play in. Hit up harder rivers and feel confident.
  • Expert boaters: First choice among Team JK hitting up the Niagra Gorge and other big water runs. The Fun series has also been used to win World Cup and USA Team Trials events!

New Fun- Version 2010:

  • The new Hull shape keeps the bow from pearling for better surfing and river running.
  • New sidewalls and deck improves cartwheels, loops, and other playboating moves.
  • Rolls easier with new cockpit and sidewall shape.
  • More footroom- fits a larger range of people.
  • Lighter weight in 2011

4 Fun – $999

Color: Blue

  • Length: 6′ 8″
  • Width: 26.75″
  • Height: 14.375″
  • Volume: 63 gallons
  • Cockpit: 36″ x 20.75″
  • Weight:  34 lbs
  • Target Weight Range: 165 – 220 lbs


The Paddler’s Advantage: If you want a feel for how the boat will paddle….   Think sporty- the Hero is short and stable, yet super fast for the length.    This will become a staple for anyone wanting to teach or learn the roll as well.

  • For beginners look for easier to roll, easier to steer and stay on line, and much easier to keep on the surface going through waves or holes.
  • For intermediate paddlers, you’ll get the same, plus the best boofing you can imagine, and stability in harder rapids, and a much more friendly/fun surfing machine.
  • For Expert boaters, the creeking and big water capibilities is greatly improved, along with the simple stability which keeps you right side up in harder stuff.

Vers. 2011: Specific improvements over the last version are:

  • Faster, better boofing,
  • easier to control,
  • better surfing,
  • greatly improved creeking ability,
  • lighter weight
  • Narrower knee profile for more comfortable ergonomics

Hero – $1,149

Color: Yellow

  • Length: 88” (or 7’ 4”)-  223cm
  • Width: 26″- 66cm
  • Height: 15.0” – 38 cm
  • Volume: 76.5 gallons- 289 liters
  • Cockpit: 35″ x 20.5″-  89cm X 52cm
  • Weight:  41 pounds – 18.6 KGs
  • Target weight range: 115-190 pounds-   52KGs-86 KGs

Hero Lil

Why the Little Hero?: Just because you aren’t as big as some of the other people out on the river, doesn’t mean you can go as big! The Little Hero is sized to allow you to run the rivers that challenge you, without the boat being a challenge.

What you can expect: Uber stable, easy to roll, easy to paddle, boat that keeps you upright and paddling downstream. A boat that fits well is easier to paddle, and the Little Hero completes the kids packages for the Hero series. Little Hero is for 80-150 pounds.

The Paddler’s Advantage:

You can use these boats as your workhorse for your kayak school and your staple “go
to” boats for beginners and river runners.

  • Super Comfortable
  • Makes everyone feel like rolling champs
  • Makes rivers feel a class easier
  • Safe, durable, and great looking
  • Length: 7’ 1”
  • Width: 24”
  • Height: 14”
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Paddler Size: 80 – 135 lbs

Price: $ 899


Villain and Villain S

The Paddler’s Advantage: Imagine feeling invincible.   Feeling stable, and well protected with the ample volume around you, while feeling like you are paddling at your best.   The Villain gives you that feeling.  If you flip over, you’ll also be confident in your roll in this boat.

  1. Beginners– begin to get feelings of accomplishment right away.   You’ll be rewarded with a stable easy to move around package.   Learn to roll, boof, and river run.
  2. Intermediates– You’ll want to start finding new, more challenging creeks and rivers to take your Villain too.   Catching eddies, ferries, boofing, and going over holes and out the other side will all feel easier.   You’ll feel like your boat wants to stay upright more than ever before and you’ll be able to focus on the river more.
  3. Experts:   The speed of the hull, paired up with the snappy turns into the smallest micro eddies make this boat a confidence inspiring ride through the hardest waters.   Predictable waterfall running and resurfacing,  Stable on, in, or under the water in big drops.   Uni-shock bulkhead for leg, ankle, and boat protection in the case of impact.   Perfect choice for extreme racing.

Villain S – $1149

Colors: Spider, Green

  • Length: 8’2”
  • Width: 25.5”
  • Height: 14.5″
  • Volume: 79.5 gallons
  • Cockpit size 20.5″ x 34.75″
  • Weight:  41 lbs
  • Target weight range: 100-180 lbs

Villain – $1149

  • Length: 8’8”
  • Width: 27.0”
  • Height: 15.5”
  • Volume: 92.5 gallons
  • Cockpit size: 21.63″ x 36.75
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Weight Range: 155-230+

Fun Runner

If you want to river run easily, surf waves and holes in control, but want more speed, room, and ease of staying upright than other river running playboats, this is for you. A big step towards river running from the Fun, but still keeping the great surfing characteristics of the JK playboats, the Fun Runner is just that- A really Fun river Runner. Since it is nearly a foot longer than a fun, and nearly a foot shorter than most creekers it is positioned right in the middle for length, speed, and maneuverability. This boat is instruction and learning friendly, while it also performs beautifully for the most advanced paddlers. The Fun Runner is built from scratch from the ground up with a friendly planing hull and effective chines/edges, as well as a roomy foot area as part of a sleek low profile deck for surfing and keeping the boats weight to a minimum. The Fun Runner helps complete the river running category for Jackson Kayak in good form.

Fun Runner 70 – $1149

Color: Red, Green

  • Length = 8’2” (249 cm)
  • Width = 26-3/8” (67 cm)
  • Height = 13-3/8” (34 cm)
  • Volume = 70 US Gallons (265 liters)

Recommended Weight Ranges:

  • Beginner- 140-210
  • Intermediate- 170-230
  • Advanced- 190-250


The beginner will achieve confidence immediately as the stability of the Zen along with its supreme JK comfort and the ease of rolling will shorten the learning curve.  With 3 sizes (small, medium and large) Jackson Kayak provides this kayak to any sized boater, making it the ideal kayak for schools and clubs.

Advanced boaters are going to look to the Zen as well for a big water boat of choice.  Expect to see unbelievable footage from classic runs like the North Fork of the Payette next spring featuring team JK and the Zen.

Zen 55 – $1149

Color: Earth, Yellow, Red

  • Length = 7’10-1/2” (240 cm)
  • Width = 23-3/4” (60.3 cm)
  • Height = 12” (30.5 cm)
  • Volume =  60 US Gallons (219 liters)
  • Weight = 36.5 lbs
  • Weight Range: 70-150

Zen 65 – $1149

Color: Red, Yellow

  • Length = 8’4” (254 cm)
  • Width = 25-1/2” (64.8 cm)
  • Height = 12-3/4” (32.4 cm)
  • Volume = 70 US Gallons (257 liters)
  • Weight = 40 lbs
  • Weight Range= 135-200

Zen 75 – $1149

Color: Steel

  • Length =8’10” (269.2 cm)
  • Width = 27” (68.6 cm)
  • Height = 14” (35.6 cm)
  • Volume = 80 US Gallons (295 liters)
  • Weight = 43.5 lbs
  • Weight Range= 160-260