Cuda Fishing Kayak

Similar to the Coosa, the Jackson Kayak team has once again peppered slick, angler friendly features throughout the boat.  The Cuda will introduce for the first time Jackson’s rod tip cover, tackle stagers, mesh side pocket, pockets on the elite patent pending hi/low seat, fly rod stagers, safety flag, stand assist handle and a 26 inch center hatch that can have an insert to make it dry storage or a fish cooler big enough to fit a beautiful slot redfish!  The hatch insert can be removed for easy access to the interior of the boat and for easy rod storage while on the water.  Of course the previously introduced features are also there including the rod stagers/holders that are big enough for offshore rods!  Fans of the Jackson fishing line will also recognize the friendly paddle stagers and holders, as well as the popular removable skid plate, large bow and stern hatches and a new and improved beverage holder!

The new sleek, low profile, design will make fishing in the wind a breeze!  However, when things do get tough just drop the rudder and you’ll track even straighter on your way to a killer day on the water.  With all this, new colors and accessories, it should be a good 2012 for Jackson ‘Cuda anglers!

Some Key Features:

  • Elite patent pending hi/lo seat, with new rear and underside pockets.
  • Center storage hatch with removable inserts Optional cooler insert offered as an accessory Paddle holder and stager Multiple rod stagers, including fly rod stagers Rod tip cover on bow Both bow and stern hatches with injection molded hatch rims to ensure a solid, snug fit.
  • Rudder and non-rudder versions
  • 2 flush mount rod holders included.
  • Removable skid plate
  • Tackle box stagers on side and tankwell
  • Unique rear seating position which opens up the deck area.
  • Jackson Kayak long load safety flag
  • Beverage holder Flat area for mounting accessories
  • Large rear tank well Stand assist handle included
  • Locking bar Low profile to help be more friendly in the wind.

$1199  – $1399 with rudder

Length (ft, in) 14′ 3″
Width (in) 30.5″
Height (in) 11″ (seat area)
Weight (Pounds) 74 lbs (w/o seat)
Seat Type (WW, Elite, Mold) Elite Seat
Front Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in) Yes, 16 1/4″ X 11 3/8″
Day Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in) Yes, 5 1/2″
Rear Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in) Yes, 9 3/8″
Deck Rigging (Y/N, Bow, Stern, Both) Yes, Both
Rudder (Yes/No, Optional) Yes, Optional
Rudder Type (Smart, Peg) Smart
Footrest Type (Peg, Foam, WW, Mold, etc) Peg
Opt. Overall (lbs) 135-225 lbs
Capacity (lbs) 400 lbs

Coosa Fishing Kayak

The Basics: Stability, durability and specialization to the fisherman’s needs are the three answered objectives of the Coosa’s unique design. The wider hull design, Stability and Standability, Hi/Lo seat setup, deck arrangement with numerous paddle/rod staging and holding options, and the unique secondary edges designed by World Champion Jackson Kayak engineers make the Coosa the most stable craft on the water. Build with elite plastic molding, as designed for whitewater kayakers, the Coosa can withstand anything an angler can throw at it; Couple that with outstanding and unique fishing features and you have simply the best all round fishing kayak out there.

The Coosa Advantage: The highlights of the Jackson Kayak Coosa:

  • Amazing Kayak Fishing Features tells the tale with the Coosa and will make any angler happy. From the standard rod holders in a variety of positions, to rod stagers all over the Coosa for quick access from any side, to tackle access points around the boat and right under your seat, and to a locking hatch system for storing your gear, rods and camping equipment make this a fully equipped boat for fishing of all sorts.
  • The Anglers Choice is quite easily the Coosa for its logically configured and fishing-minded setup. Advanced features like the facilitation of a recessed drag-chain system, Tallon recesses for mounts that are specialized in utilizing RAM and Scotty accessories, as well as extra stability for those who fish standing up are all features built in for a variety of anglers. We’ve crafted the length, the hull, superb stability and the Coosa’s set up to master all forms of fishing….from fishing the weeds, stalking the flats, hitting rocky shores, sliding by eddy-lines, busting coastal waves to get to offshore spots to mid-lake trolling.
  • The River Kayak Fishing Niche has been completely overlooked for many years in the kayak fishing world. Moving water, narrow flats, bushed-in waterways, oxbow lakes and whitewater are natural feeding grounds for all river fish and most of the action is found in these narrows, stretches and rapids. For generations some of these grounds have been missed simply due to inaccessibility; hidden oxbow lakes from rivers, pools loaded with unfished territory in between rapids and much more. The Coosa’s ‘creek-style’ hull design, secondary stability, whitewater-esq ‘rocker’ all make for a performing river craft. It turns tight, slips shallow to get over debris, bumps and grinds shallow river beds and punches holes and waves in class IV whitewater… getting you to some of the most untouched fishing grounds on earth!

Elite – $1099

(2012 changes highlighted in red)

  • Removable Elite Hi/Lo Seat
  • Lockable bow and stern hatches that can store fishing rods up to 11ft
  • Day hatch for accessories
  • Adjustable foot pegs
  • 23 inch wide, non slick standing platform
  • Drag chain/anchor recess
  • Rod stagers and flush mount rod holders
  • Paddle stager and paddle holder
  • Cup holder
  • Tackle storage under seat
  • Replaceable skid plate on keel
  • Large tankwell with bungee
  • Superlinear polyethylene hull
  • 31.5 inches wide
  • 11’3 long
  • 63lbs without elite seat, 67lbs with seat
  • New grey elite seat
  • New closeable underside pocket/rod stager on underside of seat
  • New Removable rear utility bag on seat
  • New Jackson Kayak long load safety flag included
  • New Stand-assist strap included
  • New heavy duty seat attachment bar
  • New color schemes
  • New silver Jackson Kayak logo