Kayaking Classes


We offer THREE  kayak classes

 Introduction to Paddling

Sea Kayak Camping 101 

 Sea Kayak Rescue only

 Introduction to Paddling:

Learn how to DRIVE your Kayak and make it go where YOU want it to go. Frustrated in your kayak? Tired of always going right or left, or in circles? THIS is YOUR CLASS.
Curious about kayaking: This is your class
 You Will learn: launching, forward, back, sweep turn, rudder strokes, stopping and draw strokes. At the completion of this course you will be ready to get out and enjoy more kayaking. We recommned you follow this class up with a day rental and paddle the Cottonwood / Wasilla Lake trail. This is a fun adventure on three lakes, 2 streams, and tunnels! All levels can have fun on this trip. And the BEST part, we take care of all the details, boats, shuttle, parking, maps. This a 4-6 hour paddle that will help you practice all the strokes you learned in your class. Follow the Cottonwood Adventure with the Introduction to Sea Kayak Camping described below.
Wed, Thur, Friday 6 pm to 8 pm
Saturday: 10 am to noon
group of 4 or more; book your own time 
age limit: 14 and over ( have younger children, call and ask about special classes
Price; $40 / person, $30 for a group of 6 or more

Kayak Camping 101 :

Curious about sea kayak camping ? This class was designed for you!  This 3 day class takes you out on the ocean. Learn where to go, how to be safe, and have a great fun adventure. This is a great trip for folks new to Alaska, or take your visitors on an awesome sea kayak adventure at a price that will not break the bank. WE provide DRY SUITS at NO cost to you! Prince William Sound can be wet, but you will not care in your complimentary dry suit.
Our classroom is Western Prince William Sound out of Whittier, AK. On day 1 we use a water taxi to get to our camp location. We will set camp on a wonderful beach in a protected cove and then spend the day learning our  paddling skills.  As part of  your training we take a tour along the coast line of the cove. It is common to see  sealions, eagles, sea otters and lots of salmon in July and August. Alaska beaches are not always the most friendly, so you will practice getting in and out of kayaks in different types of conditions. In the evening we cover map reading, tide charts, glacier safety, using VHF radios and loading kayaks for travel. There is also a very pleasant hike to a lake in the evening. 
On day 2 you will load you kayak for a day of travel. This is an opportunity to experience the ocean and do a fjord crossing. We will camp about 10 miles from Whittier. All of our camp locations are in State of Alaska Marine Parks giving usa the convenience of a bathroom, bear box and tent platforms.
Day 3 features an interesting day of changing coast line, huge mountains and water falls as we glide back to Whittier.
We supply; kayak, paddle, spray skirt, pfd, DRY SUIT, water taxi, parking
Student supply; food, stove, cooking supplies, tents, sleeping bag and warm clothing, We can supply all of these items for a small fee, including putting together the menu. We like students to be involved in the cooking as this is a class and not a guided tour 

Price $350

class requires 4 to book, max of 8 

current open dates: On demand, call to book

call or email if you have a group of 4 and want to schedule your own dates.

Sea Kayak Rescue:

This class is for students that only want to learn rescue techniques. The course is 2-3 hours long and is performed in pools in the winter, and in lakes from June – Sept. You will learn multiple techniques to get yourself and others back into a capsized boat. 
book by appointment
includes dry suit, class conducted on Wasilla Lake…….$110